The villa

Eenie meanie miny mo, from the beach to your bedroom in 2 minutes. Will you come to Alemàgou today or have a private, all-day party by your pool? The Alemàgou villa is a traditional Cyclades style private “resort”, nestled in a cozy bay in Ftelia meters from Alemàgou. The complex is a celebration of self-pampering and togetherness, designed to host companies of 8 to 16 friends that dream of a gorgeous backdrop to share an authentic Mykonos story. It consists of a homey master house, two independent guesthouses, a spacious studio and offers numerous gorgeous indoor & outdoor living and lounging areas, stunning views of the Aegean, a garden and a private chapel. Over and above the many diverse and eclectic amenities, guests are free to order in, enjoying privately the Alemàgou fine dining experience.
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